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How To Unwind After A Long Week

As we all know, this platform is all about becoming our best selves and it’s impossible to do so if we do not prioritise our health and well-being. Without regular breaks we will be jeopardising our health & putting ourselves at risk of burnout and that’s definitely not the direction we’re trying to head in.


How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is one of those things we’ve probably all dealt with or experienced at some point in our lives. Now, whether this may be in our professional or personal life depends on each individual but it can really limit us a lot.


How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Playing the comparison game is something that we’ve probably all done at least once in our lives but let me tell you this now, it can get extremely unhealthy real quick. We’ve all been there. You see someone celebrating a huge milestone or simply talking about something they’ve achieved and you think “why am I not […]


5 Reasons Why You Need Boundaries In This Life

The main focus in February tends to be on relationships, love and all that jazz so I wanted to touch on something we may sometimes find ourselves putting in place in the different relationships we have – Boundaries. We all have some boundaries in place. Whether […]



Hey, I’m Adjoa and this platform first began as an online blog over on the wordpress app in 2018 where we were able to build a small community. The focus back then was a lot different  to what it is now but after losing motivation and the drive to continue sharing my story, I took a “quick” hiatus from blogging for about a year! I decided to make a come back last year at the start of the pandemic and since then, the blog has taken on a different path and has now grown into what we are now; a platform aiming to share motivational prompts and tips on becoming better and better.

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